Why Choose Jack’s

We Take Pride In A Job Well Done

Why do businesses throughout Northeast Wisconsin choose Jack’s as their commercial cleaning company? Two things: our relationship with customers, and the pride in the quality of our work:

Our Relationship With Customers

On every job, every day, Jack’s employees demonstrate that they care about satisfying customers. You can see it in our:

  • Professionalism – Our thoroughness, commitment, knowledge and appearance exceed customers' expectations

  • Responsibility – The responsibility for a clean facility lies with us – we actively manage the process so you don’t have to

  • Responsiveness – All of Jack’s management personnel are accessible and the key to fostering a culture focused on the absolute highest level of responsiveness

  • Communication – We work hard to establish a positive relationship with our customers through open, ongoing communication

The Quality of Our Work

  • Training – At Jack's, training is a continuous process that never ends. We provide employees with regular updates on the latest innovations in equipment, chemicals, cleaning techniques and procedures

  • Safety – We train our employees on all safety procedures including use of equipment and chemicals, personal protective equipment, hazardous materials and OSHA standards

  • Custom cleaning programs – After evaluating your facility's requirements, we develop and deliver the best cleaning program to meet your need, including the most efficient use of personnel, environmentally responsible cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment

  • Quality assurance – We conduct routine and unscheduled inspections to ensure that the highest level of professional cleaning service is being delivered. In addition, every Jack’s crew is managed by a dedicated service manager