5 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean Throughout Winter

Posted on 12/6/16 7:45 AM

winter-office-cleaning.jpgWhen the winter weather outside is frightful, it can take a little extra effort to keep the office clean. There are the obvious things – like tracked-in slush and grime-streaked windows – but the re-circulated stale air and cold-and-flu-season germs trapped in a workspace that’s closed up tight against winter’s chill bring challenges all their own. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that a quality commercial cleaning and maintenance provider can help by:

1. Keeping Entryways Slip-free

A regular rotation of heavy-duty entryway rugs and mats capture most of the inevitable snow, slush and ice that get tracked into your office. That means no wet floors that invite accidental slips and falls, and no excess moisture trapped in carpeting that could lead to mold issues. 

2. Frequently Dusting and Mopping

Controlling the pollutants in the air is key in keeping an office environment healthy in winter. Regular dusting of furniture, equipment countertops and door jambs will not only keep the office fresh, it knocks dust particles and other impurities to the floor where they can be mopped or vacuumed up and removed from circulation.

3. Shining Up the Windows

Windows are often overlooked in winter, but regularly removing accumulated grime has multiple benefits. Sunlight aids in keeping indoor air clean and dry, absorbing excess moisture on floors and in carpeting before it becomes a slip-and-fall or mold hazard. Plus, having natural light streaming through clean panes lifts employees’ moods during the cold and sometimes bleak weather.

4. Attending to the HVAC System

Ventilation systems can trap and recirculate airborne pathogens, compromising indoor air quality and office health. Annual duct cleaning, replacing filters and having the HVAC system checked for broken parts or inefficient operation greatly reduces the spread of germs and bacteria. 

5. Disinfecting Shared Spaces

Using non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants to wipe down door handles, conference tables and chairs, workstations and other shared spaces on a daily basis keeps bacteria at bay, especially when combined with healthy employee behaviors like consistently cleaning their computer keyboards and washing their hands throughout the day.

There’s no stopping winter’s arrival, but you can control how it impacts your office. We’d be happy to schedule a facility walk-through to identify ways the Jack’s Maintenance team can keep your facility in top condition this winter and all year long.

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