Commercial Window Cleaning: How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Posted on 7/11/17 8:09 AM

When customers ask Jack’s Maintenance how often they need our commercial window cleaning services, we always answer the same way: “It depends.”

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Dirty Bathrooms Are Soiling Your Business’ Reputation

Posted on 12/15/14 1:00 PM

Let’s face it: most people like to avoid public restrooms. The thought of sharing the facilities after someone else is enough to send shivers down some peoples’ spines, and don’t even get started about what’s all over the floor. Bathrooms are known for being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and even more so when you have hundreds of people using the same bathroom each day.

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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Restoring Your NE Wisconsin Business

Posted on 4/24/14 7:30 AM

Even though the first calendar day of spring happened weeks ago, when you record one of the top 5 coldest winters in Wisconsin state history, sometimes it takes a while for things to thaw out. With warmer temperatures finally starting to make permanent appearances in the weekly forecasts, however, the snow is almost all but melted for most of Northeast WI. For area business owners, this means finally reclaiming your parking lot and building from the cold grips of Mother Nature.

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Who’s Hiring in NE Wisconsin? Jack’s Maintenance Service Is!

Posted on 10/1/13 7:30 AM
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3 Reasons Why Parking Lot Sweeping Helps Your Fox Valley Business

Posted on 9/3/13 8:28 AM

With the beginning of fall only a few weeks away, you can almost start to see the colors of the leaves changing already. While this normally creates some picturesque scenery across Northeast Wisconsin, the falling leaves can also cause headaches for local business owners. When the leaves begin to fall and collect in your parking lot, they’re doing a lot more harm than just being an eyesore. When mixed with bad weather and heavy traffic, gravel, leaves, garbage, and other debris can cause serious damage to your parking lot’s appearance, as well as your business’ reputation. If left untreated, a dirty parking lot can lead to:

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Commercial Cleaning Service Rates: How Much Should You Budget?

Posted on 8/2/13 10:12 AM

I’d be willing to bet that the most common question every business is asked is one that relates to price – how much its products cost, what its hourly fees are, what’s included in a quoted price, etc.

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Commercial Construction Cleaning Services: The Final Touch

Posted on 4/19/13 7:34 AM

You’ve probably noticed a number of positive signs of economic growth right here in the Fox Valley lately, like new restaurants opening, “vacancy” signs being removed from retail storefronts, and ground being dug for new buildings. These are all great for the local businesses and families. They've also resulted in an uptick in one of Jack’s specialty services – construction cleanup.

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