Commercial Window Cleaning: How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Posted on 7/11/17 8:09 AM

When customers ask Jack’s Maintenance how often they need our commercial window cleaning services, we always answer the same way: “It depends.”

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Is Your Manufacturing Facility as Clean as it Looks?

Posted on 3/10/16 7:30 AM

Given the size and work environment of most manufacturing facilities today, keeping everything clean and organized can be quite the challenge. From the machines you use to the different work areas, plus all the floors, walls, and ceilings, there can be hundreds of cleaning tasks you need to take care of, and it isn’t easy to stay on top of every one. Even if you’re doing all the main tasks like cleaning your machines, sweeping/washing the floors, or tidying up your work areas, there’s a lot more that you could be missing, and could be detrimental to your bottom line and employees’ safety.

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Getting Your Manufacturing Plant and Warehouse Ready for Summer

Posted on 5/20/15 1:00 PM

With the first day of summer a little more than a month away, it’s time for local companies to start getting ready for the hot, busy months that lie ahead. For warehouses and manufacturing plants especially, summer’s busy production schedule means there will be plenty to prepare for, and you can’t afford to slow down operations and fix things once you’re operating in full swing.

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Why Industrial Manufacturing Facilites Need a High-Rise Cleaning Expert

Posted on 10/29/13 8:30 AM

When businesses are contemplating whether or not they need a commercial cleaning service, the first thing that usually comes to mind is, “do I really need someone else to vacuum and dust my workplace?” And while Jack’s Maintenance can certainly take care of that for you, there are also a wide variety of services we offer that often get overlooked. One of these services that’s sometimes overlooked, but has a big impact on a facility’s appearance, is high-rise cleaning.

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Looking Up: The Art of High-Rise Cleaning Services

Posted on 3/27/13 8:14 AM

Industrial facilities are some of the dustiest, grimiest places Jack’s cleans. Depending on the industry, there’s more debris created and strewn about than in nearly any other environment we see.

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High-Rise Cleaning For The Fox Valley: Don't Be Afraid To Look Up

Posted on 11/12/12 11:34 AM

Dirt and grime can build up in the darndest of places. When it's on windows, walls and ceilings 40 feet in the air and higher, getting it clean presents a real challenge.

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