Commercial Window Cleaning: How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Posted on 7/11/17 8:09 AM

When customers ask Jack’s Maintenance how often they need our commercial window cleaning services, we always answer the same way: “It depends.”

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How Do You Select a Commercial Cleaning Service in Northeast Wisconsin?

Posted on 2/16/16 7:30 AM

For companies looking to outsource their cleaning duties, trying to decide which cleaning contractor is best can be a bit overwhelming. If you do an online search, you’re sure to find at least half a dozen different cleaning services, with each website trying to convince you that they’re best for the job. To help you choose the best cleaning service for your company, here are 8 questions you should ask each company:

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Who’s Hiring in NE Wisconsin? Jack’s Maintenance Service Is!

Posted on 10/1/13 7:30 AM
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Busting the 3 Biggest Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Posted on 9/25/13 7:30 AM

When it comes to taking care of carpets, most people don’t think much past vacuuming and the occasional shampooing and/or steaming. However, what they don’t know is that these misconceptions can lead to harmful, expensive consequences for your carpet. To help protect the look and longevity of the carpet in your business, we’ve busted 3 of the most common myths about commercial carpet cleaning. 

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Commercial Cleaning: What Facilities Managers Are Looking For

Posted on 5/10/13 8:32 AM
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What Does Commercial “Green Cleaning” Mean?

Posted on 5/3/13 9:18 AM

You might be surprised to know that each year more than 100 million workdays are lost because of illness and absenteeism attributable to poor indoor air quality. That represents an annual loss of productivity of around $100 billion!

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