Make the Grade — School Cleaning Tips for Summer Break

Posted on 6/19/18 7:15 AM

School_Cleaning_Tips_for_SummerSchool’s out for the summer and most students are enjoying a much-anticipated break from textbooks and teachers. For campus maintenance and janitorial staff, however, it’s go time.

Now that the halls and classrooms aren’t filled with as many bustling school activities, those who maintain the facility have free reign to thoroughly clean every area without interruption or typical time constraints.

Use this checklist of school cleaning projects that should be completed during summer break. That way, when students and faculty return for a new school year, they can enjoy a spic-and-span environment that is conducive to learning and doesn’t distract from more important things.


Cleaning and waxing of hard surface flooring in hallways and gym floors (which require special care) can often take place periodically throughout the year during shorter breaks. Classrooms, offices, cafeterias and teachers’ lounges are often put on hold because of the intensive labor and time to remove desks and other furniture. Summer is the ideal time to remove items from these rooms to allow for a deep, thorough cleaning and polishing of the flooring. Hard-surface floors may require stripping of residue and grime prior to waxing. For carpeted areas, a thorough steam clean removes abrasive dirt that can damage fibers over time. Also, don’t forget to clean and wipe down baseboards.


In addition to backpacks, sweatshirts and books, consider other items that students may keep in lockers, such as food, soda, dirty socks, etc. And who knows what that unidentifiable substance is stuck to the inside of the door? It’s no wonder lockers — both those that line the hallways and those in gym locker rooms — rank near the top of the list for areas that need cleaning during summer break. Now that they’re empty, take the opportunity to thoroughly scrub them down, inside and out with a sanitizing solution that can disinfect and remove odors, stains and sticky messes.

Windows and Accessories

Schools have a lot of windows to allow natural light in. Plan to clean them toward the end of summer break so they’re crystal clear when students and faculty return. Other items including desks, chairs, storage areas and shelves should also be cleaned now that they’re cleared out or not in use. Don’t forget to clean the underside of desks where students may have stuck gum or other substances, and wipe down legs. Additionally, clean door handles, lighting fixtures and other accessories


Summer is the optimal time to inspect and clean air vents and heating ducts. During the school year, the HVAC system collects dirt, debris, allergens and other particulates which can affect air quality and the performance of heating and cooling systems.

Cafeteria and Kitchen

Commercial kitchens require special care when cleaning. In addition to cleaning walls, ceilings and flooring, don’t forget freezers, coolers, range hoods and appliances. Grease and food particles can build up over time and could attract pests. It could also pose a fire hazard. Proper cleaning and maintenance also helps prevent future repairs and preserve commercial kitchen equipment.

Gyms and Auditorium

These areas often host large groups of students and the general public. As such, they can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. Pull out gym bleachers and clean beneath, and determine whether upholstery and carpeting in the auditorium needs attention. Inside the locker rooms, it’s time to thoroughly sanitize showers, stalls, benches and other areas.


Take the opportunity to sanitize and disinfect every surface in the bathrooms. Wash down all vertical surfaces and receptacles, and don’t forget to close the stall door behind you when cleaning to wipe down the inside of the door, too! (You’d be surprised how often this is overlooked.) Pay close attention to the areas behind toilets and hidden corners.

Many school maintenance teams enlist the help of a commercial cleaning company to support their efforts and perform more labor intensive cleaning jobs. Such a solution can save the school district money by not having to purchase the equipment and specialized cleaning supplies necessary for cleaning and maintenance on such a large scale. To explore how Jack’s Maintenance can assist your campus in its cleaning efforts, reach out for a no-cost assessment.

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