20 Surprising Facts About Cold and Flu Season in the Workplace

Posted on 2/4/14 7:30 AM

iStock 000010960516 smWith cold and flu season in full swing, offices everywhere are geared up for the war on germs. Whether they’ve loaded up on disinfectants or posted healthy reminders throughout the office, business owners are doing everything they can to keep their staff at full force and as healthy as possible. At Jack’s Maintenance, our goal is help to your business to do just that. To help raise awareness about the dirty truth behind the cold and flu virus, here’s 20 of the most surprising facts about cold and flu season in the workplace

1.) The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 35-50 million Americans come down with the flu during flu season. SOURCE

2.)The CDC estimates that more than 100,000 people are hospitalized and about 36,000 people die from the flu and it’s complications every year. SOURCE

3.) Every year, Americans get approximately 1 billion colds. SOURCE

4.) The flu virus can live on contaminated surfaces for up to 48 hours. SOURCE

5.) Flu germs can travel from 6 to 12 feet, moving at a rate up to 100 mph from sneezing or coughing. SOURCE

6.) On average, workplace absenteeism due to personal illness annually costs businesses in the U.S. $230 per person. SOURCE

7.) 67% of office workers have admitted to coming into work while sick. SOURCE

8.) Over 35% of office workers clean their inbox at least once a day, but only 15% of office workers clean their workspace once a week or more. SOURCE

9.) Your work surface may have 400x more bacteria than the average toilet seat. SOURCE

10.) Computer keyboards can carry more than 200x more bacteria than the average toilet seat. SOURCE 

11.) Telephones can carry 25,000 germs per square inch. SOURCE

12.) Water fountain spigots can have up to 2-7 million bacteria per square inch. SOURCE

13.) Buttons on an elevator can carry over 40x more bacteria than public toilet seats. SOURCE

14.) 20% of handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat. SOURCE 

15.) 78% of workers say they wash their hands often. SOURCE

16.) 1 in 3 workers have witnessed co-workers leaving restrooms without washing their hands. SOURCE

17.) 53% of Americans don’t wash their hands after exchanging money. SOURCE

18.) Washing your hands often makes you 24% less likely to catch a respiratory illness and up to 50% less likely to get a stomach bug. SOURCE

19.) You can hum “Happy Birthday” to yourself twice while washing your hands to make sure they’re washed for at least 20 seconds. SOURCE

20.) Diligent washing, wiping and sanitizing, can help office professionals reduce their rates of cold and flue by as much as 80%. SOURCE 

As you can see from the facts above, the cold and flu are no laughing matter when it comes it to keeping your employees healthy.  However, keeping your office clean and germ-free can not only be time-consuming, but expensive as well. At Jack’s Maintenance, our cleaning experts can work around the clock to ensure that your facilities stay as clean and germ-free as possible. For more tips on how to keep your office cleaner and healthier, simply click the button below: 

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