Building Maintenance Services: Beyond Janitorial

Posted on 4/5/13 7:30 AM

specialty-maintenance-servicesYou expect commercial cleaning companies like Jack’s Maintenance to perform services like restroom sanitizing, break room cleaning, vacuuming, surface cleaning, etc.

Not many cleaning companies, though, offer the wide range of specialty cleaning & maintenance services that Jack’s does. Our blog today gives you a hint of some of the many “non-cleaning” skills we apply to businesses across Northeast Wisconsin.  

Interior painting. Jack’s is asked to do interior painting for a number of reasons: to change color, to revitalize the original color (paint, like any surface, attracts dust and dirt in the air and over time dulls), or to repair damage caused by water.

Epoxy floor coatings. Epoxy coatings seal and extend the life of concrete floors. Most often, these are found in vehicle showrooms, television studios, waste management facilities, retail operations, daycares, kennels, vending areas, maintenance areas and garages. Using commercial grade epoxy, Jack’s is able to renew the look of these floors and to enhance their safety.

Construction cleanup. A lot of dust and debris is created when a building goes up. Jack’s cleaning professionals come in to these locations and get them ready for the next stage – usually carpet installation, but the timing varies. Most construction cleanups include removal of all trash from the site.

Acoustical ceiling tile replacement. Water stains, discoloration, breakage – these are just a few of the reasons we’re called in to replace ceiling tiles. And, because acoustical tiles get pretty dirty over time (especially in the offices of manufacturing customers), Jack’s also vacuums tiles to refresh their appearance.

Exterior building restoration. Vehicle exhaust and other pollution quickly degrade building exteriors and detract from the professional appearance of your facility. Jack’s removes these chemical-laden deposits using the right equipment and products for your building materials. 

HVAC vent cleaning. The dust and grime that accumulates in your HVAC vents reduces the quality of your air and can increase the likelihood of illness related to asthma and allergies. Our team has the tools and expertise to get them clean!

Parking lot sweeping. Jack’s is often asked to do a thorough sweeping of parking lots in fall, to remove leaves and other debris, and in spring, when the snow melts and reveals months worth of grit from the roads. It’s a quick way to freshen up this “first impression” area of your facility.

Shelving unit installation. Who do you call when you need shelving units installed? Jack’s. Our team also has the skills to design and install custom units for areas where you need something “out of the ordinary.” 

Wall repair. It’s not hard to knock a hole in drywall with an errant chair or unprotected doorknob. Jack’s also repairs areas blemished by the removal of cabinets or shelves, nail holes, and other mishaps.

Now that you know some of the “other” things Jack’s does for customers every day, keep us top-of-mind the next time a task needs the attention of a team with the skills and experience (and positive attitude!) to get it done right, and right on time! 

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