5 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Company Benefits Your NE Wisconsin Restaurant

Posted on 2/19/13 7:12 AM

Commercial kitchen cleaning from Jack's Maintenance ServiceAs a restaurant owner, there are few challenges greater than keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic.

That means lots of daily cleaning. You have to ensure the food not only tastes great, but also is safe for your customers to eat. Cut corners even once and you not only wind up with contaminated food, but a public relations nightmare if you don’t catch it and customers are sickened.

Plus, regular cleaning keeps your equipment in top working order, which means less down time and lower maintenance costs.

No doubt your staff does a great job cleaning up and sanitizing each day. But, day-to-day cleaning is not always enough, and it often doesn’t adequately address some potential trouble spots in your kitchen. Five areas in your kitchen that need extra attention include:

  1. The ice machine. It’s easy to forget that ice is food. The ice machine should be regularly cleaned to prevent any contamination
  2. Underneath and behind equipment. When you can’t easily see an area, it’s easy to overlook. But, bacteria and vermin will be attracted to food scraps no matter where they fall
  3. The dumpster area. Your dumpster is a playground for bacteria, flies and vermin. Regular cleaning can also reduce bad odors
  4. Refrigeration coils. Cleaning these will help the unit function more efficiently, and prevent temperature fluctuations that can lead to spoiled food
  5. Splashes on the walls. While your staff may wipe them up when they happen, a thorough cleaning and sanitizing can keep away pests and bacteria that will be attracted to any remains

These cleaning tasks are tough to fit into the regular routine, and it’s often just as cost effective to hire a commercial cleaning company like Jack’s Maintenance Service when you figure in staff time, cleaning supplies and equipment.

Jack’s Maintenance Service has a special restaurant kitchen cleaning procedure using the proper detergents, degreasers and pressurized hot water and steam to make sure every inch of your kitchen – from the tightest corners of the oven hood to the lowest section of baseboard – is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

This thorough cleaning is particularly helpful if you’re preparing for an inspection and you want to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. It’s less hassle for both you and your staff.

If you have a restaurant in Northeast Wisconsin and your kitchen could use some TLC, request a free consultation from Jack’s today.


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