How Commercial Pressure Washing Can Help Improve Sales

Posted on 12/6/12 11:51 AM

Commercial Pressure Washing services in WisconsinFirst impressions are an important part of the day-to-day business experience. Like us, you know that a positive first impression can be the key to securing a successful long-term business relationship.

But what impression is your building giving your clients and customers about your business?

A prospective client's first impression of your building could play a role in whether they decide to do business with you. In fact, modern marketers now carefully review the "atmospherics" - the physical characteristics and amenities that attract customers and satisfy their needs - when studying a businesses success.

While much of that study is focused on retail, a good first impression is just as important for firms in the B2B sectors as well. If the exterior of your building is dusty and dirty and the sidewalks are unkept, what is a prospective buyer going to think of your production practices or your attention to details?

They are forming opinions before they ever walk in the door to meet with you that could jeopardize your chance at closing them as a new client. It's important that you make a good first impression, and a commercial facility maintenance company such as Jack's Maintenance Services can provide a plan to keep it neat and clean with a minimum amount of effort on your part.

Not long ago, giving the outside of your building a good cleaning was a labor-intensive and potentially dangerous job that involved steam cleaning, sand blasters and harsh chemicals that were dangerous to people and worse for the environment.

Commercial pressure washing has made it much safer, and a whole lot easier, to keep your building in tip-top shape for those important first impressions.

Benefits of pressure washing include:

  • Refreshing and rejuvenating the exterior of your building at a relatively lower cost than replacement or restoration projects
  • Forcing dirt and grime out of cracks and crevices and increasing your cleaning performance
  • Eliminating the hazardous chemicals used in other cleaning processes that threaten both people and the environment. It can often be accomplished with just water, or with a mild cleaning solution

Power washing can be used to spruce up more than the exterior of your building. Other areas that can benefit from regular power washing include: sidewalks, drive-throughs, courtyards and dumpster areas. A thorough pressure cleaning will keep your building exteriors and grounds looking professional and polished and will set the tone for customers and employees.

Looking for other ways to impove your first impression? Check out our free Commercial Cleaning Outsourcing Checklist!

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