High-Rise Cleaning For The Fox Valley: Don't Be Afraid To Look Up

Posted on 11/12/12 11:34 AM

Jacks Maintenance Service provides high rise cleaning for Northeast Wisconsin businessesDirt and grime can build up in the darndest of places. When it's on windows, walls and ceilings 40 feet in the air and higher, getting it clean presents a real challenge.

Sure, it would be easy to say "don't worry about it, no one looks up." But you know deep down that you can't do that. First of all, people do look up, and is that the impression you want them to have of your workspace? Whether it's the exterior of your building or the interior of a multi-story production space, you want your building to shine.

You want the dirt, dust and grime cleaned from ceiling to the floor for a lot of reasons:

  • Long-term buildup on windows can damage them, leading to costly repairs and replacements
  • Dirt and dust could contaminate your production process
  • A dirty workplace - even if it's above the regular line-of-site is bad for employee and customer morale

You need it clean, but how can you safely get to the top of your building? An extension ladder is not considered a good option here.

What you need is a company that specializes in high-rise cleaning of both interior and exterior building spaces - a company that has the safety certifications for the proper lift equipment and for rope access to those hard to reach windows or interior spots.

Recognizing the growing need for specialized, high-rise cleaning equipment, staff and training, Jack's Maintenance Service acquired Brite-Way Cleaning in 2009, a company that specialized in high-rise window cleaning and rope access since 1972.

Now, Jack’s employees are certified in the use of a variety of lift equipment needed to get to those tough-to-reach spots to remove dust and grime buildup in industrial, manufacturing and warehouse environments. With an experienced staff and strict safety, the Jack's staff can keep those hard-to-reach areas of your facility in top shape with these professional services:

  • Ceiling cleaning, including beams and fans
  • Vent cleaning
  • Exhaust pipe cleaning
  • Wall cleaning

Are you seeing dirt or dust build up on the hardest places to reach in your facility? Not sure what approach to take to get it clean. Request a consultation with the professionals at Jack's Maintenance Service and make your building sparkle.

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