A Construction Cleanup Will Make Your New Space Sparkle

Posted on 8/27/12 2:17 PM

Jack's Maintenance Service Construction CleaningThat new workspace you built isn’t finished just because the last nail was hammered and the final screw tightened.

True, the construction crews might be finished with their work, but that doesn’t mean the new or remodeled space is ready for you – or your client – to move in just yet. No matter what the project, from simple remodel to a complete new building, that construction work is going to generate a lot of dust and debris that will need cleaning up. 

You don’t want to leave it to the construction contractor; they’re focused on the job at hand — building. They don’t necessarily have the skills, or the people on staff to do the cleaning required to make the space ready for occupancy. You could do the work yourself, but it’s more than you think. Preparing a newly built or remodeled workspace for occupancy will, at a minimum, include the following steps:  

  1. Removing large debris, putting it into the dumpster on the site.
  2. Sweeping or using a heavy duty vacuum or back pack vacuum to remove construction dust and smaller debris, starting high and working your way down.
  3. Dusting or wiping down surfaces such as walls, door frames, ledges, stair rails, etc.
  4. Conducting a wet cleaning - bathrooms, kitchens, countertops and any other areas that need to be cleaned with cleaning chemicals like all-purpose cleaners, stainless steel cleaners or window cleaners. Remove stickers from fixtures and clean the insides of cabinets and drawers.
  5. Cleaning windows and window frames. You may need additional tools to remove drywall mud and stickers. Be careful when cleaning windows, as they are easily scratched.
  6. Sweeping or vacuuming hard floor surfaces and wet mop, making sure all drywall mud and paint is removed. Some flooring may need additional service. For example, VCT tile may need the factory finish stripped off and a new finish put on.
  7. Detail vacuuming the carpet, including all edges. Also remove all drywall mud and paint. Some carpet may need to be professionally cleaned if the contractors didn't provide enough protection from dirt and debris.
  8. Walking through the space, touching up any areas that need it.

That’s a pretty heavy workload, and your time is better spent running your business. To get the job done right, and get your building or renovated space open for business as soon as possible, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service such as Jacks Maintenance Service for your cleanup.

Jack’s has the tools, the know-how, and the attitude to tackle the job right. A final construction cleanup requires attention to detail, schedule coordination and flexibility, and Jack’s has all of these. We’ll survey your site and address your specifications to get your space move-in ready.

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