How Scheduled Window Washing Services Can Save Your Business Money

Posted on 7/24/12 11:32 AM

highrise window washing services in fox valleyThose crystal-clear windows on your office building could be in danger from the very thing we seem to need the most – water.

Not that we aren’t hoping for rain like everyone else, but the water coming from your buildings sprinkler system in order to maintain the landscaping may be doing long term damage to the glass in your windows.

Water contains minerals that bond to the glass in your windows and can produce unsightly stains. Fail to clean those water spots off your windows in a timely manner and those minerals could permanently etch the glass, reducing its tensile strength and leading to replacement.

The biggest culprit for these water stains, particularly on the first floor, is the sprinkler system so many building rely on to water the landscaping. Water is often also sprayed on the windows, either directly or by irrigating when the wind is blowing. As that water dries on the glass, minerals are deposited, leading to staining, etching and potential long-term damage.

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent this damage:

  1. Ask your landscaping company or maintenance staff to lower and adjust the sprinkler heads so water does not strike the glass
  2. Set the automatic timer so that irrigation occurs when the wind is calm
  3. Install a drip system that will eliminate any spray and still provide for effective irrigation
  4. Increase the schedule of window washing services for your ground floor windows

Increasing the cleaning schedule for your ground floor windows can help remove the water spots and mineral deposits before they do serious damage. While it might increase your maintenance budget, it is a lot less expensive than replacing your window glass.

The first floor is not the only level you need to be worried about, however. If you see spotting and staining in windows on higher floors, more than likely the precast materials used to construct your building has not been properly sealed, allowing rainwater and normal condensation flow to pick up minerals as it runs down the building, depositing it on your windows. This can be addressed by pressure washing the building and applying an appropriate sealing compound to the precast materials.

The best way to determine the extent of the damage to your windows from water staining is an on-site inspection by a cleaning and restoration expert, such as Jack’s Maintenance Service. We can test the glass and determine what methods are necessary to restore it. Once the glass is restored, regular window washing and periodic resealing will protect the visual appeal and structural integrity of your glass for years to come.

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